nina, chef de rang

"For me, The Bank is great cuisine in a breathtaking ambience.
With full commitment and cordiality I care for the well-being of our guests in the restaurant. It is my pleasure to recommend a good aperitif or the right wine to go with our excellent dishes.

The collegial atmosphere within our young team is also always noticeable. We have fun doing what we do-all of which makes it special for me to work here!"

antoni, demi chef de rang

Our dear Antoni from beautiful France has been interested in gastronomy forever, since he started his studies in hotel management school it has become an essential part.

"Wines, champagne and other luxury foods inspire me and I am proud of my workplace! In my free time I enjoy playing volleyball and soccer, I love sports and even more I love being part of The Bank team.  My workplace is in the heart of the city, the hotel has a unique architecture, my team consists of international professionals - what more could you ask for!"


You will meet Hannes especially in the morning. He takes care of our guests with passion and dedication and makes sure that the start of the day is perfect.


"I especially like to give the guest a perfect stay in a wonderful setting. This is only possible with the great team what stands behind us and with which it is a great pleasure to work at a high and at the same time casual level.  Very special is that our restaurant and bar is for Viennese guests as well as guests from all over the world a place to enjoy and feel good. 

Whether at lunchtime for a 3-course Plat du Jour menu and a glass of champagne, or in the evening at the bar for a "Bank Negroni" - everyone will find something to suit their taste." 

christoph, manager

"Upscale and elegant service have always been very important to me, this coupled with the casual workings at the Brasserie creates a combination of personal, casual yet refined service. Add to that some of the best dishes in town from our kitchen and it makes a stay at The Bank an experience for any guest. 


Whether it's a nice glass of champagne, a young fresh white wine, or a tropical cocktail, there's something for everyone at The Bank. "


"I really appreciate the historical background of the former Länderbank Kassensaal. Due to the history of the building, there are also many creative possibilities.  I find it particularly exciting to incorporate these into our concept while always keeping our finger on the pulse of the times. 


 A special highlight for me is the food from our lava stone grill.  This gives not only juicy steak cuts, but also grilled lettuce hearts a special flavor.

 Together with a great red wine from Burgenland, this is an outstanding culinary experience for me." 

hannah, teamleader

"From the beginning, The Bank has been a place for me where you can feel comfortable and you can have fun at work. Over time, the team has become more and more like family to me and it's a pleasure to work with them every day!


If I were to go out to eat at The Bank, my order would be a Wiener Schnitzel of veal, because we serve one of the best traditional schnitzels in Vienna. And afterwards an Amaretto Sour , because for me it's the best drink no matter where you order it!"

bassam, commis de rang

"The Bank is one of the best restaurants in Vienna - with great guests and a great team. I really enjoy working here, I can learn and develop every day. "

cinthia, hostess

Our Cinthia from the Ivory Coast inspires with charm and radiant smile - from the greeting to the farewell of our guests!

"For me, working in the hotel industry is not a job but a passion. To be a part of the Bank Team - this is a dream come true for me."

iason, chef de rang

"As an immigrant host from Germany, I have been impressed by Viennese gastronomy in its elegance and comprehensiveness since day one, and The Bank embodies for me the meeting of tradition and modernity as well as few restaurants in the city. 

Whether it is seafood, braised ox cheek or tuna tataki, there is a culinary discovery for every taste that I would like to share with our guests, to bring a little joy to the palates of gourmets all over the world. The excellent food, sophisticated drinks, stunning ambiance and great team are jus