martin, bar manager

Martin is actually the bar manager of the Living Room Mixology Bar but he is currently filling in for our Katharina who is currently on maternity leave. 

With his passion for spirits, cocktails and creative combinations, he is in perfect hands at The Bank Bar.

HUSSEIN, Assistant bar manager


"Thanks to our super team work we manage to pamper all our guests to the highest standard every day. Creating cocktails, making our guests happy with great drinks and socializing gives me the most joy. " 

bence, barkeeper

Our Bence started his career in London, where he learned about cocktail culture and modern mixology from world-class bartenders.

"It has always been my passion to create things to enjoy, whether it's smoking ham for my family, brewing beer for friends or mixing cocktails for our guests, it always gives me great pleasure to live out my creativity through enjoyment!"

patrik, barkeeper

"It may sound exaggerated, but it is a real honor to be able to shake in such a bar in this location. Upon entering, you always have the incredible feeling of somehow traveling back in time and yet everything is top modern.  From classic drinks to our signature cocktails, the smiles on the faces of our guests, just brings joy.  It makes me very proud to work in one of the best hotel bars in Austria."

Manuel, bar service teamleader

"I am very proud to work in one of the best locations in Vienna and I am always happy to spoil our guests with good cocktails and food. It is really nice to see that we have many Viennese regulars and can anticipate most of their wishes. I'm really happy to be able to work in such a historically beautiful atmosphere."

Ilja, bar Service

 "Passion and teamwork, combined with a wonderful ambiance like in The Bank Bar make not only our guests, but also us employees come here with joy!"

katharina, Bar manager

currently on maternity leave

Since 11 years in the gastronomy, since 11 year in love with the bar culture! The art of creating completely new things on individual ingredients have fascinated her from the beginning. 

After some well-known stations in the Viennese bar scene, she now spoils our dear guests with wonderfully honest drinks and cocktails. Together with her experienced team of bartenders, it's all about one thing - guaranteeing guests a fascinating drinking experience.