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Peter Bachmann

Not all salmon is the same - the one from Peter Bachmann is organic and becomes through his work a local product in Carinthia.

Peter Bachmann makes smoked salmon. He uses big pink filets that he lets fly in from western Ireland from an organic producer that Germans and Irish founded together. Peter is a true Carinthian patriot. Therefore, it is no surprise that this salmon from the Irish Sea, becomes a regional Carinthian product with an Austrian organic seal over here.

He smokes an incomparably good salmon that outshines all others. Peter’s entire production chain is built up on directly using fresh product. That’s why his salmon filets arrive in Hermagor on a bed of ice and haven’t been shock-frozen. Peter refines his Irish fish with Carinthian smoke and Carinthian herbs, transforming them into Carinthian fish.

This innate knowledge characterizes Peter, who started smoking salmon around twenty years ago when he came across the method by chance while working in gastronomy. For fun, he bought himself a few filets at a wholesale dealer and for an entire summer he smoked them for himself, his family and friends. But his friends and the guests of Peter’s restaurant were thrilled by the fish filets.

The immense encouragement made him consider turning his hobby into his profession. Today smoking fish has become his real job.


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