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Traditionally crafted with a flavor that is deliciously convincing, Noan olive oil stands for quality of the highest order.

It is fair to say that Richard Schweger grew up in an olive grove. Year after year, he spent his summers on the Pelion peninsula, where life has preserved its original Greek flavor and where the landscape is characterized by rugged mountains almost entirely covered with olive trees.

Richard and his wife Margit wanted to do something meaningful to alleviate child poverty. Simply donating money was not enough. Their idea was to operate on a larger scale and set up something more permanent that would guarantee long-term support. This marked the birth of Noan, a company whose products stand out by virtue of their exceptional quality.

Because organic quality, fresh olives and sustainable cultivation were of paramount importance to the Schwegers, their first task was to convince the Greek farmers.

In cooperation with a renowned oleologist they developed additional olive oils in Italy and Portugal, each with its own special nuances: mild and bitter, strong and spicy, fruity and light — all extra virgin.

Mid-October to early November is the optimum harvest time on the Pelion peninsula. During this time, Richard is always on-site, meeting farmers in the olive groves and monitoring the first pressing. It is here that tradition goes hand in hand with modern technology. Before the filtering process, the oil is an intense green color, and the secret of a good oil is to preserve this intensity.

Noan came up with an unusual solution: Instead of ordinary tinted glass bottles, the oil is packaged in elegant cans, which are a pleasing addition to dinner tables while protecting the oil against the harmful effects of light, ensuring premium quality that endures.

The success of their award-winning oils inspired the Schwegers to go in search of additional gourmet products. The standards they set were high: only the finest raw materials and the gentlest processing methods — an ideal combination. They found what they were looking for in places as far apart as Austria and Australia, but the company’s range of olives, balsamic vinegar and macadamia nuts is not as contradictory as one might think.

Margit’s simple and colorful salad is a prime example: She sprinkles it with royal nuts and dresses it with oil and vinegar — a salad for the good life.

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