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Manor Dornau

Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff – 300 years of tradition & sustainability, fresh fish from its own farm.

Centuries of tradition, combined with the newest processing technology and with the dedication to always deliver the highest quality... all this goes into the manor Dornau, located around 30 kilometers south of Vienna in beautiful Leobersdorf, Lower Austria. To supply local gastronomy and consumers, the manor additionally runs a fish processing facility.

Idyllically situated in a huge park, manor Dornau, provides 70 hectares of water surface, consisting of clean, oxygenated water, where both non-predatory and predatory fish are bred. Consequently, Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff is able to provide the highest quality fish to his clients. The feeding of these high-class fish involves giving them cereals from the attached grain farming. Trauttmansdorff offers fish from still waters, such as ponds, with our species including pike, zander and catfish, as well as from running waters as char, salmon trout and river trout. Manor Dornau combines tradition with sustainability and presents one of the best fish cultivation facilities in Austria.

Trauttmansdorff states “Our business is well known, our clients know where the fish comes from, who works in the company and what the processes are. It’s a part of the region and is more visible for the clients. A banana that comes from Africa, the client has no idea, under which circumstances the fruit has been cultivated”, thus confirming the statement that the meaning of regional products will increase in the future.

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