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Fritz Wieninger

In Fritz Wieninger’s barrels red wines of international character have time to ripen, pressed in the city.

During harvest, Fritz Wieninger feels like every winemaker who has the fruits of the year hanging outside - the right timing is critical.

Wieninger and most of his Viennese colleagues leave many grapes hanging for some more weeks so that the wine gains the maturity it needs to be even more weighty and robust.

Letting the grapes hang longer is a game of luck each year. Even it there are very precise weather forecasts nowadays which are usually right, but in the end they have no guarantee.

Being a winemaker during the harvest season isn’t a job for weak nerves. Definitely not for Wieninger, who has many vines standing on his seventy hectares on both sides of the Danube. The many locations have different positions and plots, but when the whole region is affected by heavy storms, then it really doesn’t matter.

“It has to be tasty” is what Wieninger says, and presses a tasty Viennese wine specialty, the “Gemischte Satz”. The Gemischte Satz is a method of planting wines that is supposed to secure a drinkable end product – no matter how the wine year goes. Mixes of varieties are put together in a row of vines. If one variety is weakened, another one gains strength. A wine made with nearly no dangers shouldn’t set any big demands. Until Wieninger came along, the winemaker who brought the most regional of all Viennese wines to a relevant level of quality. A good Gemischte Satz needs many hours of work and a winemaker with instinct and wit.


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