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Fred Loimer

Based on respect, Fred Loimer provides natural, gentle and authentic wines from the Kamptal.

Fred Loimer produces wines based on biodynamic agriculture, mainly Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, but also expressive Burgundy like Pinot Noir Anning or Chardonnay Gumpold from the thermal region.

They are truly new wines, all bottled by Fred Loimer and his team. Wines that are not vying for attention with a bulky alcohol content, intense sweetness or strong wood and tannins. Unconstrained wines characterized by their origin - and seem to be from a time when the character and individuality of a wine was not sanded down by technology. Wines which can be underestimated because of their lightness and unpretentious style.

When the principles and methods of biological dynamic agriculture began to be implemented at Weingut Loimer in 2006, a series of findings and conclusions were initiated for Fred Loimer and his team. Anyone who is engaged in wine-growing and taking ecological and mental responsibility for soil, plants, animals and people, soon discovers that everyday life is penetrated by an attitude that Fred and a handful of his winemaking colleagues describe in one word: Respect.

Founding an association was the next conclusion. “Respect – Biologically Dynamic-Inspired Quality” became the name of this convergence of winemakers. “We foster production methods that create a healthy, biodiverse environment,” explains Respect winemaker Fred. “Methods that proactively protect our plants, and that are effective and gentle.” Of course, Fred is well aware that it is nearly impossible to be disconnected from today's market economy and modern technology.

“Independent and undogmatic” are the Respect targets to be followed – which ultimately means the most easy and natural way to run healthy and productive agriculture. Fred is convinced that the respectful treatment of the basics of nature will bring natural wines with regional character and typicity.

He says that in the future, his wines will gain more intensity and taste with less alcohol, which sounds rather surprising. But Fred does not just want to surprise, contradict and challenge anymore. Sometimes he wants to relax… and be surprised by others. For example, when he is somewhere in the world and tastes a glass of wine that stands out far beyond the usual and expected.

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