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A chef as valuable as a pot of gold: Istvan Törzsök, Chef de Cuisine serves brasserie classics.

On the menu you find seafood on ice, fresh fish in different variations and meat dishes from lava stone grill. Furthermore you will find classic dishes such as our hand cut beef tartare, burrata or market greens - just the right for every taste. For the sweet finish we offer our legendary sour cream schmarrn, a Grand Cru chocolate soufflé or seasonal fruits.

Sourcream Schmarrn

Sourcream Schmarrn

Lobster Crudo

Lobster Crudo



Chef's Table
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Spezial Angebote

Stefan Resch

Executive Chef Park Hyatt Vienna

The celebrity chef who came from Tokyo – and straight from the famous New York Grill & Bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, at that. Born in the Austrian province of Styria, he describes his style of cookery as traditional, regional and authentic. Buying the produce necessary for such creations takes him to several small and regional suppliers. At The Bank Brasserie & Bar he cooks alongside a 30-person team of chefs. He tells them the same thing every day: “We can be anything with our cuisine except mundane.”

Oliver Ivanschits

Pastry Chef

The man who has a soft spot for anything sweet. His approach to his job as a patissier is one of the straightforwardness that people from the Austrian province of Burgenland are famous for: “It has to taste like mum’s home cooking.” But once you’re actually at his restaurant, the Gehrer student’s creations taste much better than that – try the sour cream Schmarrn, the fresh oven-baked Buchteln, the homemade compotes and the ice cream made from hay-fed cows’ milk. Or honey ice cream by Viennese bees. There is nothing more regional than that.

Istvan Törszök

Chef de Cuisine

Istvan began his career as an important part of the team in his role as Sous Chef at The Bank in March 2016.

"I am enthused to be part of a team and witnessed how „The Bank Brasserie & Bar“ became a hotspot in the first district of Vienna. Together with my team, we will regularly present fantastic new dishes and hopefully surprise our guests."

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