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The Bar team is proud of its 10 signature drinks.

Presented as banknotes in a clasp, former European currencies are made alive. Besides the Austrian Schilling, the Dutch Gulden oder Greek Drachmen you can look forward to many more interesting cocktail creations - there is something to suit all tastes.

THE BANK Cocktail Tresor

Hidden Gem Gin, Pontica Red Vermouth, golden water, saffron syrup, champagne

THE BANK Cocktail Marlies

Park Hyatt Vienna tea infused gin, apricot juice, lemon juice, biscuit syrup

THE BANK Cocktail Velours

Sake, Pontica Red Vermouth, Beetroot Sirup, Lime Juice, Hibiscus Juice

Cocktail Dollar

Bourbon, barbecue sauce, grapefruit juice, lime juice, honey syrup.

Cocktail Krone

Caraway schnaps, cranberry juicy, pearl onion.

Cocktail Yen

Plum wine, wasabi-ginger syrup, rice milk, yuzu juice, nori-algal tincture.

Vienna’s most creative cocktail menu, inspired by the Austrian schilling and other old European currencies that once filled the halls of this building.


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„The Bank Bar is a location that everyone wants to go to but that no one wants to leave.“


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